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Dear Sir/Madam
Good day!
We thank you for your long-term support and cooperation to us. In order to serve you better and make our quality, shipment, and service best match your needs in the future, please fill in the blank with any of your comments or suggestions, we will listen to your opinions, learn from your expertise and take your advice to improve ourselves.
Thank you very much!

Products Quality

1. Are you satisfied with our company scale and production capability?

  Very satisfied      Satisfied      Not satisfied

2. Which do you value most for a product?

  Product brand     Product package      Product quality     Product utility

3. Do you think our products are suitable for your market or your target customers?

  Very suitable
  Just so so. Your comments or suggestion on this:
  Not suitable. Your comments or suggestion on this:

4. Are your satisfied with our packing?

  Very satisfied     Just so so     Not satisfied

  Your comments or suggestion on this:

5. What do you think of our products quality?

  Very good     Good     Poor

  Your comments or suggestion on this:

Products Price

Compared with other suppliers, what do you think of our prices?

  Pretty low     Almost same      Little higher     Too high

  Your comments or suggestion on this:


1. Do you satisfied with our service for your requests/feedback?

A) Timeliness:

  Excellent, quick response to our requests/feedback
  Good, response within one day after we feedback 
  Poor, comes too late

B) Dealing result:

  Excellent     Good   Poor

2.Do you satisfied with our documents provided?

A) Timeliness:

  Excellent, quick response
     Good, response within one day after we feedback
  Poor, comes too late

B) Database integrity

  Excellent     Good     Poor

3. What do you think of our delivery time?

  Excellent     Delivery earlier sometimes     Always on time     Delay sometimes     Always delay

4. What about your impressions to our people, including our sales representative, our managers, other staff you contacted with?

(For example: professional, reliable, trustworthy, not reliable, friendly, bothering, headache, genuine, hard-working, etc.)

Your other comments and suggestions:
Company Name: Company Address:
Contact Person: Telephone: Date: