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LB1430 ETCO2 Sampling Cannula
LB1430 ETCO2 Sampling Cannula

Description du produit

ETCO2 Sampling Cannula

Designed for oxygen supply and sampling of exhaled CO2 gas simultaneously.

By delivering oxygen through one prong and sampling exhaled gas from the other, the nasal cannula can provide end tidal values comparable of those achieved with intubated patients.

Just Adult Size is available with Curved prong.

The Connector for Co2 sampling line can be male or female connector.

And the connector for O2 supply can be funnel connector or luer lock universal connector.

Color: green transparent, white transparent and light blue transparent is available

Length: With 2m tubing, different length can be customed

Anti-crush tube can ensure oxygen follow even is the tube is kined

Packing: packed in individual pe pack. 50pcs/carton or 100pcs/carton